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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

While Shawn was sleeping.

This is another set of pictures taken through the eyes of Evie. One day while Shawn was "watching" Evie she found the digital camera and took a tour of the house.

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Nothing Noteworthy said...

That is the most revealing pic I have ever seen of Shawn. Oh how a night of rest can change things. Eric Erkenbrack here. I have tried, in vain, to find your email address. Because of such failure, I am posting my email here. Please, when you receive this, email me at myfirstname.mylastname@tufts.edu.

Here's what I had to say:

Rev. Shawn Mickschl and Family,

Hello, Good Sir. It came to my attention quite a while back that you called during a time in which I was communicationally indisposed. Why 'indisposed'? It is a financial thing, unfortunately. Since I am in Germany, calls from the States cost me an, fairly said, unfair amount. You called when I was in Düsseldorf, which is a rather large metropolis in the northwest of Germany close to the Dutch border. I was doing intensive language study there. Let's just say that, after an adjudication of sorts, a self-critique, that class wasn't nearly enough! As you are well aware, learning a second language as an adult is, lest I understate, a bitch. You certainly empathise, I hope. Of course, studying in Germany means that my classes will be in German. Admittedly, I probably take the most-immovable stance on atheism in my sphere of acquaintances, but I've never wanted to pray more in my life! You get my drift? I just think that we rarely confront situations in our lives that can alter and determine so much of our future. This may be one of those. But that's an exaggeration.

Now I am in Tübingen. A rather quaint, medieval town in the south, close to Stuttgart, the French, Swiss borders, and sitting directly in the famed Neckar river valley. Among other things, there is no Starbucks here; that is my biggest concern. (You could infer then that I am lackadaisical about everything that is going to unfold here. Careful: Starbucks is of sincere significance to my everyday existence.) Where am I going to study!? And with what natural substance running through my body?! And how I am going to survive the mornings?! These are grave questions which should be addressed. Here I will be studying my mainstays: biology and philosophy. The biological spectrum consists of spending time in a lab with which I am now affiliated, called the Hampp Labor. What does the Hampp Lab do, you ask? Well, mainly they want to know how plants forge a harmonious relationship with bacteria and fungi, which results in a serious alteration in their survival value. This is called 'symbiosis' in biology, and about 80% of plant species interact with other organisms in just this way. There is still lots to be done in the sense of educating myself about this topic. But I will entertain and attempt to answer any questions you have about it.

Alright. I'd like to hear from you. How's the home? How's the community? How's Evie?? Sorry I missed your call, but communication is, in one sense, mollified by the internet, though in the compassionate sense, crippled by that big mass of water that separates the land masses, not to mention the several time zones. The comforting thing is I know that you understand. It's been a while since we exchanged information, and, rather unfortunately, you have chosen to suspend your blog entries! I googled your name and the "hands and feet" came up. You should keep it up, I think. I have been wanting to create such a thing. Perhaps I will. But, then again, what do I have to say?

Kind Regards und viele Grüße aus Deutschland,