Mickschl Family

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Evelyn, Joey and I had a girls day out. We spent the whole day together and ended it at the annual Lions Club Hoff-A-Nanny. Evelyn enjoyed seeing the horses in action. There were so many kids that participated. There were even some so small they couldn't stay on the horse by themselves. It is quite funny to see one parent running and holding a child on and the other parent trying to pull the horse as fast as it can go. Great effort by the parents, it something I surely would not do.

Here is a gal at opening ceremonies.

Evelyn loves this hat. She also wore her pink cowboy boots.
One example of parental participation.

This is a picture of Evelyn watching the barrel racing. I think this might get expensive.

This is where Joey enjoyed the Hoof-A-Nanny from. The confines of a wrap. She was nice and cozy (she has her pacifier in this picture, it is a family blog after all) and warm all night long. I kept her hidden in there so they wouldn't try to charge me admission for her again.

Lebak visit

We were so blessed to have so many family come and visit us. I'll update more photos when I get a chance.

Here are some pictures from the visit from Jacki, Matt, and Grace. We had a great time hanging out with family. It surely is something we miss from Minnesota.

Here is Jacki, Matt, and Grace hanging out with Joey. Evelyn was still at school when they arrived. Evelyn was so excited to see them. She practically flew off the bus when she got home.

We had a pic-nic up at Highbridge park. Here Evelyn is practicing her right as an older cousin and showing Gracie around.

We all went out for ice cream at my favorite place. Brusters! Grace managed to get ice cream on her foot and in her arm pit. It was a sight to see. Don't worry, Joey got to have some ice cream too, it just took longer to get to her.

After church on Sunday we went to the apple orchard. Ate some apples and snuck some peaches. Evelyn had a great time catching butterlies and other bugs. Grace caught herself a few times.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day of School

Evelyn was so excited to start Kindergarten.
Here is a picture of Evie and her new teacher Ms. Randolph. Evelyn likes her being the teacher because she plays games.

Here is Grandma and Grandpa Pirate, Auntie Denise and Evelyn on open house night.

Evelyn and Joey pose for pictures.

Shawn and I can't believe our little girl is grown up and will be riding the bus the four blocks to school. It feels so good to send her off when she is excited to learn. I hope she stays that way.

Here she is getting on the bus. There are three adults on the bus: the driver, a person to help her on the bus, and someone to help with the seat belts.

The first day of school was amazing for Evelyn, she was so excited she couldn't tell us anything about it. We pretty much had to drag it out of her. They had lunch, played games and went on a gingerbread man hunt. She strives every day to get a green star from her teacher. Any other color will mean that she miss behaves. When she leaps off the bus at the end of the day she tells us right away what color she got. She is very proud of herself and we are proud of her.