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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Circus

Shawn, Evie, and I went to the Barnum and Bailey Circus when it came to Lexington this past August. We arrived early and were able to go down to the main floor and be up close and personal with the performers.
Here is Evelyn with a clown friend she had made.

Evie tried on a Ring Master's jacket.

Our cheap seats put us at the "end" of the arena. We did get to see the front of the Animals from time to time.

Mom and Evie pose with the Elephants.
Daddy and Evie pose with the Tigers.
We had a great time. Shawn and Evelyn even got to see a Cebu.
In the September issue of Parenting Magazine is an article that beautifully describes the circus trip (it could almost be our circus trip). It is on page 197 and is entitled A Trip to the circus by Pete Nelson. I tried to link it, but the article is not online at this time.

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Triebenbachs said...

We went to the same circus when we lived in Virginia Beach, VA. We had fun seats becuase it was military appriciation day or something like that. But we never got to meet the clowns! How fun.