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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winter Wonderland or Warm Tropical Vacation?

Our first Christmas in Kentucky.

Although it is not officially December yet, Shawn, Evie and I are well on our way decorating for Christmas. Last night Evelyn wanted to hang the outside lights on our house. Shawn came home from class and saw what a wonderful job we did. After a little adjusting of the garland on the front porch we turned on the lights and headed around the neighborhood to look at all the other displays. Shawn, Evie and I have gone around to look at lights before, but never like this. We walked around our own neighborhood, I was barefoot and wearing my "thin" work scrubs. Shawn was wearing a shortsleeved shirt, shorts and sandles. It was a beautiful evening to spend together. Evelyn says we need one more thing outside. She wants a white cross with white lights. What an insightful little girl.

I'm sure this won't be the weather all the way to Christmas. We are expecting rain/snow and 30 degree weather for the end of this week and start of next week. We'll enjoy it while it lasts.

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