Mickschl Family

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring has Sprung

Spring is well on it's way here in Kentucky. It is now May and Shawn, Evie and I are getting geared up to start a garden. We were blessed to find someone to borrow their rototiller to us to use. We have seeds to plant and lots of hope, prayers, and water. With any luck a garden of vegies may be in our destiny.

The picture below was actually taken at a St. Patrick's Day parade in Lexington. Nothing says Happy St. Patrick's Day like a cow on roller skates. Thank you Chic-fil-A!

This was the first flower that we found in our yard. This picture was also taken in March. This daffodil was promptly picked and moved to a container in the house by Evelyn. We currently are waiting for peonies to bloom in our yard. Evie and I look at them every day and see how they are on their way to opening. Their days are numbered until Evie gets to them and she says makes our house smell so nice.

Evie and I have tried our hand already at planting. These flower in the front yard are still alive!

Shawn and I have finished our classes for Spring of 2007. I got an A in my public speaking class. Yeah! We're taking the summer off. One class was just too much for me. ;-) Shawn is actively applying at Asbury Seminary and hopes to start this fall.

Evie is nearing her recital for dance class. This time around we get to see Evie tapping away with the rest of the kids. Evie is in the class with her friends Serena and Max. This summer we are going to be putting Evie in swimming class. Shawn has visions of swimming in Lake Superior with Evie sometime soon. He wants to make sure that Evie learns to swim like his Grandpa wanted him to learn how to swim.