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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Highbridge Homecoming Festival

We were able to go to the 2nd annual Highbridge Homecoming Festival. This festival is found only a few minutes out of town in an even smaller town than ours. I think all it has is a church and a very picturesque view of the Highbridge railroad trussel and the Kentucky River below. It is very beautiful

We went to the festival two nights in a row. The first night they were having a dessert auction. It was pretty funny listening to this old man auction off the blackberry cobbler. He was talking it up pretty good. I'm sure whoever made it was very proud of her creation. It was all I could do to stop Shawn from trying to bid. You may know how much he loves to try new things.

The second day we were going to go earlier and see some of the lineup of acts they had instore. It was raining pretty well here and we didn't want to chance if there was a place out of the rain for us to go. So, we went up after the rain cleared and was able to see the Cloggers and a Bluegrass band. Both were very good. After awhile Evie couldn't stand it anymore and got up right in front of the cloggers and started imitating them. Being the proud mama I am, I was very impressed that she was imitating them so well. (we later signed her up for a ballet/tap class) I am contemplating taking clogging lessons. They are only $45 for 10 weeks. I don't think that is bad. How cool would it be if I came back to Minnesota with an accent and the ability to clog. I'm also interested in joining a gun club or shooting range while down here. Just to finish off my stereotyping. Although we don't own a gun or really don't have a desire to, but it would be fun to have that skill. I wonder if they borrow/rent guns?

Evie dancing with the cloggers.

The Bluegrass band Pickin' Time was a delight to watch. They sounded great! They are our 1st official Bluegrass band we watched here in Kentucky.

The night finished off with a dance. Evie was big into finding dance partners. Anyone but Mom and Dad that is. She found this boy to dance with. Oh, dear we're in trouble. We ended the night when this dance was done. We didn't want it to get too serious.

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