Mickschl Family

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crazy Mixed Up Halloween

Our little town of Wilmore is great for get togethers. I love Halloween and Christmas in our town. They put a firetruck on each end of main street and open all of the business for trick-or-treating. (For Christmas it is caroling and hot apple cider, fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate. ) The Methodist church even hands out hot dogs and hot chocolate. It is a great time to run into people that you haven't seen in awhile and see how their imagination is working on this day that you can dress up as anything you want and most people won't question you. For those of you worried about our family and Halloween, you need not be. We are using this day at face value. We get to dress up as whatever we want and no one questions you and then you get to walk around and get free candy. That is all this day is for us.
The next day, November 1st was also celebrated. Our family had a lot of talks about the Saints that went before us. God is continually working in our life and has great plans for us. Maybe one day I'll be a recognized saint. Anyone want to start a petition with me now? ;-)
Anyway here are some pictures from Halloween...
Shawn decided he was going to be Cotton Candy for Halloween.
The girls after a night out on the town. Shawn gets in the action too!

Our family picture. You can never have enough of them. Shawn is cotton candy (he really just wanted his beard and hair to be pink, Evie is a cowgirl, Joey is Tigger (she was going to be a jojo potato, but nobody in this state knows what one is) and I'm a cowgirl (unless I'm feeding Joey and then I'm just a cow! heheheh).

This picture was from pumpkin carving. Evie was grossed out.

Not sure why Evie is posing like this, but I thought it was pretty funny!

Evelyn Doing Homework

Evelyn got to bring a character home from school and was writing in a journal about Toot's adventure at the Mickschl house.


Joey just loves to smile. I hope you do to.