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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

December was a whirlwind of a month. We couldn't wait to go to Minnesota and see our family and friends. Some things that we forgot about MN living in the winter... pop freezes and explodes when left in the car, and electronics left in the car must thaw before use can occur. Some of the things that we didn't forget is that we have family and friends that love us no matter what. It was good to go home and be welcomed back into the fold like we hadn't been gone.

Here are some pictures from Christmas.

Josephine and Evelyn

Our family, Christmas Eve/Josephine's Baptism

Darrell, Norma, Shawn, Jacki, Kasey, Josephine, Grace, Evelyn

Terry, Luke, Josephine, Tammy, Erich, Sue, Denise, Evelyn, Shawn

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