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Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Week...What a Week!!

This was an amazing week. In both good and bad ways. Here is a brief break down.

Bad...Evie broke her ankle

Good...Great pharmacy, Drug Mart, in Nicholasville that delivers medication to house since we ran out of pain meds and Shawn is at home with the girls with no car. (Due to having only one car.)

Good...fought for an appointment and had her seen in 3 days rather than the 10 the orthopedic clinic wanted the appointment for. Besides being broken, turns out she already had pressure sores on her heal and top of her foot. This could have turned into open sores and other problems had I backed down.

Good...Evelyn got a walking cast and is back to her old self, but a lot louder when moving around the house.

Bad...Electrical fire in only vehicle. This happened when Shawn and the girls were leaving for above appointment.

Good...Had 2 cars to use within 5 minutes to get Evelyn to doctors appointment on time.

Good...Van did not explode like mechanic said it could have.

Good...Have a friend that loaned us a car until ours was fixed.

Good...Car was fixed in 24 hours.

Bad...Cost to fix car.

Bad...Had a flat tire less than 24 hours after getting van back.

Good...After 30 minutes of trying to figure out how to change a flat, nice young man stopped and helped me in the freezing weather.

Bad....Pipes frozen in Kentucky House.

Good....Was able to babysit for KY friends and find friends to play with Evelyn.

Good...Have friends that came out in the freezing weather to unfreeze pipes.

Bad...Pipes frozen again.

Good...Friends came back to help unfreeze, this time stopped at Lowes for extra supplies.

Good....Found a friend small enough to fit under house to fix pipe.

Bad...Washer is sounding funny.

Good...Randomly sprayed WD40 around until sound stopped.

Bad...Washer forgot how to spin out and how to unlock door.

Good...Don't have to fold and put away laundry because machine not working.

Good...All of the blessings that God continually pours down on us. Without the knowledge that we are doing what he has called us to do I think I might go crazy. I feel so blessed to have such friends and community. I also feel blessed that I can call my family and friends and vent to them, know that they are praying for us and supporting us. I can't help but laugh at what has happened this past week. It is almost comical. I hope and pray we are done. If I had a TV show to make about this, I would call it Worst Week. Oh wait, that title has been taken already.

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