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Friday, December 05, 2008

Our Little Piece of Americana

Last night was a wonderful night for me. I think of the line in the Christmas Song, Silent Night, all is calm all is bright. As I stepped off our front porch in my small town of Wilmore a wonderful thing happened. I forgot all of my cares and worries for a few hours.

Shawn, Evelyn , Josephine and I were off to a neighborhood party. We came out of the front door and Evelyn said with her child like excitement"Look Hank and Winter have Christmas lights up!" Shawn and I acknowledged that and talked about Christmas lights for a little bit. We then walked up the street and ran into Earl. "Hi Earl! we shouted, Who are you fighting now?" Earl is our neighbor boy with an imagination you wish every child would have. He said we couldn't see this one that he was fighting agains and it was especially dangerous. Then we walked up to our friends house the Sleeth's and were greeted at the door with smiling faces as the sound of cheer and merriment floated out to greet us. Matthew helped get Joey out of her bunting and then proceeded to leave with her to be part of the party. Inside, we ran into other friends and neighbors we knew, exchanging hugs and updating each other with what went on over the Thanksgiving holiday and what our Christmas plans were going to be. Making sure that all of our animals would be cared for while each of us were out of town. I introduced myself to people I didn't know, ate food that I wasn't sure of the contents and had a great time. Evelyn played with the other little children and Josephine was passed around. Smiling and sleeping, charming people with her radiant smile that reached her eyes and her rosie cheeks (from being too warm). We finished off the evening when Joey started to act hungry and started getting fussy. We said our goodbyes and quickly exited the house. We didn't want the charm of the evening to wear off. We stepped outside into the cool night air that greeted us. The sky was full of brightly lite stars and the sound of Evelyn's inquiry/statement/wish..It would be a great night for a campfire?. Then she heard the train and started making train noises back at it. I enjoyed our walk home. My family together, enjoying each other, enjoying the company we had kept, enjoying our little piece of Americana.

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