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Monday, July 31, 2006

You're doing what?

This is what Shawn said to me as he was drilling a hole through the wall. So what if I was ripping up the carpet from the floor. Not that big a deal...right. Right. The hardwood floors are beautiful. For some reason the previous owners finished the floor around the parameter of the room and left the middle as original. They must have had one big rug.

After a call to my mother Shawn determined that I have inherited her destruction gene. Now that I have my own house I'm not as afraid to lets say..rip things apart. I also hold blame to Rebekah. :-) She's my do it yourselfer partner in crime.

The floor with carpet

Here is Evie helping pull staples out of the floor.

Here is the floor that needs to be refinished

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Kurt said...

You guys are so blessed. I'm glad to see things are coming together for you. We'll have to come down and visit sometime, once y'all are settled in. We'll show Kentucky what it means to have a good time Minnesota style!