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Thursday, July 13, 2006


At the Celebration of the Fourth they sold hot dogs for $0.15 cents. Shawn went to get us some lunch and returned about a half an hour later with his wares. 3 hot dogs, 2 giant pieces of watermelon and 3 bottled waters for $2.95. We watched the home town crowd present the local fire department with the trophy for winning the 4th of July softball tournament and one of the local pastors present books to all of the police officers.

The Jessamine County band played many tunes and finished the day with a patriotic ensemble.

Shawn met the mayor - Harold Rainwater. Shawn told him that we just moved here from Minnesota and the mayor replied that this celebration was just for us. ;-) Shawn says...typical politician.

The following pictures are of the snow cones that we enjoyed. They were made by the local Lions Club and only cost 50 cents.

This is my kind of celebration.

We ended the day with a private fireworks display that some random guy on the end of our block was shooting off. He happened to be someone that did this for a job. So they were real fireworks. Evelyn did not see any of the fireworks that night. She was way too tired from the days events.

I would have to say that our first day in Kentucky was filled with many things that will last in our memory. A great celebration to kick off our new adventure here in Kentucky. Maybe the celebration was.... just for us.

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