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Monday, July 31, 2006

First Day on the Job

Today, Monday, July 31st was my first day of work at UK. It went really well. They showed me my new office. I have 4 walls and a door! I'm so excited. Dr. Shinn said I could start bringing in pictures and personal stuff tomorrow. Everyone at my new job is very nice and I learned a lot about the ear today and the tests that they run. I asked to have some performed on me. You know, to see what its like.

One great thing about starting today is that Shawn, Evie and myself get covered by insurance tomorrow, Tuesday, August 1st. If I had started August 1st we wouldn't be covered until September 1st.

I started looking into taking my 18 free credits of classes at UK last night about 12am. Shawn said that I should talk to a counselor to see how to do it before I go and start applying. What does he know? ;-) I think perhaps I'll start working on my undergraduate degree. In what I haven't figured out yet.

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