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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fall is Here

We are a busy family this fall.

Shawn: Shawn has gotten a second job. He is the drum line instructor for Lexington Christian Academy. www.lcamarchingeagles.org. He is really enjoying sharing his experience with the drummers. The group has a lot of talent and potential. Shawn is very excited at this new opportunity. He is also taking 2 classes at the community college in town. We're that much closer to finishing his Bachelors. Yeah!

Tammy: Tammy continues to work at UK in Audiology. She has taken a new job, within this same group, that keeps her busy. www.ukhealthcare.uky.edu/services/audiology/index.htm. At church she is volunteering in the nursery and learning the sound board. Instead of taking a class at the community college she has joined the gym at work and hopes to spend some time there.

Evelyn: Evelyn is in pre-school at Trinity Christian Academy. www.tcalex.org. She loves going to school and being a helper. There are many kinds of helpers in her class and she can't wait to tell us which one she has been that day. Her first field trip was scheduled and rained out. They have rescheduled her trip to the apple orchard. She continues to take ballat/tap classes and is enjoying Ms. Mindy's class. www.jscd.net. We tried to sign her up for swim lessons, but they would not let her because of her age. Her previous swim teacher said she would be fine for the lowest level being offered at the time even though the age group was 6-12. We'll try again next swim session.

We are starting a new adventure as a family. We are participating in Financial Peace University. www.daveramsey.com. This class is being offered at a church near our house and will help us obtain and use the tools that we need to become debt free. Shawn and I are very excited to be working on this and perhaps helping teach the class to people at our own church.

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