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Sunday, July 08, 2007

She's A Fish

Evelyn has been enjoying swimming lessons at the pool in Nicholasville. She started out in the "Pike" level and was moved up during her first lesson to an "Eel". She has recently graduated from the "Ray" class and just needs to take one more set to finish her Pre-school swim series.

Here are some pictures of her adventures in the pool.

Evelyn loves going off of the diving board. This is the first time she did it and there was a teacher behind her and one below. She now jumps off the board on a regular basis, by herself.

Here is our little graduate from the Eel class.

The YMCA teaches boat safety and what to do if you fall out. Miss Ashley is Evie's teacher. In her class are Nathaniel, Evelyn, Emma, and Tia.

This is the waterslide at the park. Evelyn likes to go down the open one.

Evelyn has now graduated from the Ray class.

We are so proud of our little "fish".

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