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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Red, White, and Blue Ribbon

The 4th of July found us once again at the "Wilmore, Festival of the Fourth." This is the perfect way to celebrate our time in Kentucky. As well as the freedoms that we have. The ability to pray, worship and profess our love and belief of God openly without fear. We awoke at a leisurely time and walked around town, through the parade route, to find the perfect spot. It was certainly a change from last year. About every half a block or so we had someone that we recognized or knew who we were shout out a hello. This will come in handy when I run for Constable. ;-)

Our favorite part of the parade the "Lawn Mower Brigade."

You can't beat 15 cent hot dogs and cheap watermelon.

Shawn entered the town's Apple Pie baking contest, and Won! There were no rules and Shawn made a great pie. He upset a few of the ladies that also entered, when he told them it was a refrigerated pie crust from Pillsbury. They also had a few things to say about the carmel on top of the pie. They said "it is un-American and not traditional." Shawn received a blue ribbon, $15 and I think he gets his name in the paper.

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