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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Week

This past week Evelyn got her cast off. Yeah! She ended up with a sore on the top of her foot and an open sore about the size of a Sacajawea Gold Dollar on her heal. This might have been some of the cause of the stink that was coming from the cast. She is on her way to healing both of those and loving taking baths again.
Joey and Evie and I were going through Evelyn's clothes and I was able to catch the two f them in Evie's new mirror. I thought this was precious and wanted to share.

Evelyn insisted that Joey be put in this little red wagon. It was cute, but Joey's diapered bottom got wedged in. She wasn't sure after awhile if she liked it or not.

Here is a picture of the girls on Valentine's Day. We got a V-day Dairy Queen cake from Grammie and Grampie Mickschl. Right after the picture, Joey stuck her foot in the cake. That was the tastiest baby foot I've ever eaten.
Here is a short video of Joey opening her gift from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Chris. She'll be a pro by the time her birthday rolls around. She seemed to have the hang of it today.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Our day was spent folding laundry, meeting with friends and hanging out with other friends. Not very romantic for Shawn and myself, but we're saving that for the couple's retreat we are going on through the Seminary next weekend. We wish everyone lots of love and happiness this coming year and remember it doesn't have to be celebrated on Valentine's Day.

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